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 What House Checkers Ltd  Offer Our Clients


Our main point of difference is we believe in full transparency and disclosure with our reports. For our clients buying a house and if we find any issues that may be of concern, we will meet with our client at no extra charge and talk you through issues and will assist in providing you with solutions so that you can make your purchase with full peace of mind. Likewise with our home owner reports so that they can sell their home with peace of mind that all is well.

We urge homeowners thinking about selling their home to seriously consider conducting a House Assessment Summary or a full Builders Report before putting their house on the market. This will highlight any immediate issues that need to be attended to and repaired prior to entering the market. It's a bit like a warrant of fitness.

Most Real Estate agents now seem to encourage home owners to have a builders report conducted  prior to putting the house on the market which I have been told does help in the sale process.

Because our reports can be released to any third party we have no issues in agents passing on our reports to any interested buyer.

Another popular report we conduct is for landlords. We take a snapshot of the condition of the property in year one, enter the details into our database then carry out further inspections on a yearly basis comparing previous inspection notes. This way we can advise of any potential problems hopefully at the early stages before they become a major problem attracting major expense.  Like all all reports we moisture check all exterior walls and potential problem areas around windows and doors.


As part of this check we also test smoke alarms, install new ones where necessary and change batteries where needed. It's all about helping to preserve the asset of our clients property.

Our prices are very competitive and are able to offer 5 levels of inspections that vary in price from just $230.00 to a full building report of $520.00 plus GST.

  • Pre Selling House Assessment Summary
  • Full Building Report (Either Buyer Or Seller)
  • Landlords Building Inspection Report
  • Programmed Maintenance Report
  • Purchasers House Assessment Summary

Call us now for more details or to book an inspection


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